V9/7 – NOW Available!


Guzzi’s V9 Bobber, re-imagined by GuzziTech/GT Motocycles, into the bike everyone wants; A V7 with the V9 motor. V7 Bodywork with 6-gallon fuel tank, repositioned foot peg rails, bars and GT-Rx® exhaust system. Stock 850cc motor with new Hemi-heads. Six speed, ABS and traction control. Come play in the Malibu Hills, bomb down to Venice Beach and Hollywood, or head up the Coast Highway.

  • Wet weight: 438 lbs.
  • Seat Height: 30.7”

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One Response to “V9 Bobber”

  1. Ride Malibu is a gem. Nestled in the Malibu canyons, this place has a variety of rare bikes and Todd is a real pro at what he does. The V9/7 (Bobber) rides comfortably (position, clutch, minimal vibration) and is highly responsive on turns. We rode up to Pismo beach, stopping in small towns for great food and coffee. This is the best way to experience California!


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