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If you’ve always wanted to improve your riding skills on the street, but simply don’t have the desire or time to schedule an on track session, or perhaps you’ve thought about a track only “school” (which seldomly addresses real street riding) – this is for you. If you sometimes cross the centerline, find yourself braking mid-corner, or perhaps always seem to be in the wrong part of the lane, we can help. We use a lead/follow technique and can video record to discuss, all while on your ride. You’ll learn the best techniques on being a safe (and quick if you chose) rider on the street.

Learn from a lifetime one-million plus mile rider, former Pro racer and current Pro precision rider for video and print; Todd Eagan. Eagan is thrilled to offer one-on-one instruction on the street. We can combine this with one of our Tours, and/or we offer discounts to those renting from us -OR- we’re happy to offer it even when using your own motorcycle. Pricing starts from $125, please contact us.

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  1. I spent a very memorable afternoon working with Todd on the incredible roads around his place. I’m a rank novice, but it’s hard to imagine that a rider of any level wouldn’t benefit from spending time following this guy’s lines. Besides obviously knowing his stuff, he’s a natural teacher, patient and supportive, and very attentive to pacing your development so that you stay confident and have fun. It didn’t hurt that his bikes are immaculately prepared, either (I rode his brilliant little V7). All in all, a truly excellent experience, and I will definitely be back to do it again.


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