V7 III Stone


All new, once again. Restyled and revamped, and now making even more power (52 hp & 44 lb.ft.) with new hemi cylinder heads. Lower seat height and lighter clutch pull, make it even easier to ride. Standard with ABS and Traction Control. Come have a blast with it here in the hills of Malibu and Coast Highway.

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  1. Junqing

    This is the kind of place that I would rent from repeatedly. The bike I rented (V7 III Stone) was well maintained and I felt safe riding the bike. I actually received compliment at the coffee shop for how nice the bike looked. Todd is a super cool guy. You can geek out with him and talk at length on bikes and cars. Great communication throughout. If you want to have a good time riding in Malibu, you will not be disappointed renting from Todd.

  2. Eugene

    Ride Malibu is definitely the way for the true Motorcycle lover. The service and experience were excellent. I rode the V7 III Stone and loved it so much I will probably purchase one. Todd’s custom pipes were the icing on the cake for this fantastic ride. The location of Ride Malibu puts you right in the middle of some of the best roads on the planet. I’m so glad I chose to go with Ride Malibu. Thank you Todd.

  3. I had a great time on one of Todd’s V7s a couple of years ago, but his V7 III is absolutely next-level, an intoxicating cross between sportbike handling and Harley attitude (sorry, can’t think of a better reference point for that rumbling exhaust. I loved stopping just so I could start it up again, and recommend the tunnel on Malibu Canyon Road for the full Dolby 5.1 effect). This bike was cleaner, better cared for and more ready to ride than anything else I’ve rented in the LA area and better value besides, and don’t underestimate the fact that it’s located in the middle of the best riding you can imagine. But playing in the canyons was a reminder of how nothing transforms a bike and makes it lovable and confidence-inspiring like a great suspension. This machine is a great ad for GuzziTech… any rider will have a helmet-giggling good time on it, but if you’re a Guzzi person, it might change your life. I’ll be back.

  4. Had the time of my life on the V7 Stone III. The cool factor I felt while riding this bike was on 100! I’d say my only issue with this entire is experience was having the give the bike back at the end. Todd’s enthusiasm for Moto Guzzi and riding in general is apparent from the moment you meet and is highly contagious. I will be back for more.


    I had the pleasure of renting the Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone and it has far exceeded all of my expectations! I was blown away by the awesome sound coming out of the custom exhaust that let out a rich, low rumble upon start-up. The styling of the bike is top notch, everything looked and felt great. It helps too that upon pick-up you are seconds from the PCH highway so you get to go straight into a fantastic ride through Malibu hills.

    I rode the V7 III all the way up through Santa Barbara and the Highway 154 leading up to the Santa Ynez mountains. It was a Gorgeous ride accompanied by the perfect bike! Not a single hitch getting up there and coming back with the Guzzi, and I gotta say I turned a few heads riding through downtown due to the bikes great sound and style!

    All in all, Ride Malibu has got to be my new favorite place to rent from! The incredibly helpful customer service and great selection of swooped up bikes won me over in an instant. Todd is the man when it comes to getting you set up for your ride!

    5 stars all the way.

  6. Jon Cunningham

    This is a biking experience not to be missed.

    I hadn’t ridden since moving to the US 10-years ago, so I got my license in anticipation of renting a Guzzi with Todd during a vacation in California and it has to be the highlight of the trip – and I include a first-time visit to Yosemite in that.

    This is not your average rental experience. From the outset, Todd was communicative and helpful, storing the lid and jacket I shipped him beforehand. The bike, the V7 II, was presented and maintained beautifully, and Todd explained the subtle performance and aesthetic upgrades he had made himself. What he doesn’t know about Moto Guzzis could be written on a gnat splat on your visor. Having previously ridden only sports bikes, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the Guzzi was tons of fun and got looks and comments wherever we went.

    I booked Todd to ride with me, and, as well as being a hugely accomplished, ex-professional rider, he is a great instructor. I would follow his lead and line up the countless, jaw-dropping canyon roads and switchbacks, which he knows like the back of his hand, and then he would follow me and offer tips and advice when we stopped to chat. Who better to show you the way up the famous Mulholland Highway Snake? Todd is also a genuine, great guy – it was like riding with an old friend. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Do not miss it.

  7. David Kilpatrick

    The Guzzi V7 II is a dream. I rented it for a week end with my friends Conor and Davy, three Northern Irish lads on vacation in California and spending some time in the Malibu Canyons, visiting the Rock Store and some of PCH. We all loved the Guzzi and I will look closely at this bike model when I get home. Todd and Co. were so helpful and as a frequent visitor to LA, I will be back to Todd for future bike rentals.

  8. Rob and Tracy

    Rented the V7 II S for a few days and road the hills and canyons surrounding Malibu and Santa Barbara with my wife, absolutely breathtaking scenery that words cannot describe. Todd cares passionately about the brand and his bikes are professionally set up machines tailored to ensure that you have the most enjoyable riding experience possible, his in depth knowledge of the local area only enhanced the time spent on the bike. The V7 had several GuzziTech modifications including a full exhaust system, improved fuel mapping and upgraded front and rear shocks (he even swapped out the rear shocks for the second days ride in order to improve our riding experience).
    When booking with RideMalibu we took the option of lodging with Todd and Gretchen in their home (highly recommended) and the hospitality they provided further added to the enjoyment of our holiday. No matter what you ride renting from RideMalibu is certainly an experience not to be forgotten. Many thanks.

  9. Scott Bennett

    I recently rented the V7 11 stone from Todd for a 12 day ride, will admit I was a tad skeptical about the…. shall we say moderate HP figures of the bike. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement, the little bike is an absolute gem. It was so easy to live with for the duration, throw in light, economical, and it never missed a beat. Bloody loved it!

  10. Wolfgang

    Vacationing in Southern Califonia I rented the V7 II Stone from Todd. What a pleasurable experience. The whole renting process is easy and Todd really knows Moto Guzzi. The bike is like new, very clean and Todd’s modifications (exhaust, ECU, suspension etc) are definitely an improvement compared to the stock bike (I own a V7 back home in France) especially for the canyon roads in the Santa Monica mountains which my wife and I took.
    I highly recommend RentAGuzzi and I definitely will be coming back!

  11. Mitchell D

    I had the V7II Stone for a little over a week as my V7 Stone is undergoing the GT-Rx 820 treatment (tune in to the GuzziTech.com forum for a review Coming Soon). Pickup and Drop-off are a breeze and the view is the icing on the cake. The bike ran like a dream, Todd has definitely dialed it in! I highly recommend renting from RAG if you are an out of towner looking to explore the area, or a local looking to purchase a Guzzi and want to give it a thorough test ride, or if you are interested in seeing how GuzziTech/GT-Rx mods can really change your current V7 or V7II.

  12. Molly and Geno

    If you enjoy motorcycles, do this. There are only a few places in the world that offer roads and conditions comparable to the amazing California hills. Todd is a master of his trade and can answer any questions you may have about the bikes. The modifications he has made to this bike are superb, as the V7 delivered on performance and never gave me an issue over the couple hundred miles I and my girlfriend rode. Coming from a Harley 883, I was envious of what this bike, including Todd’s mods, had to offer. Take advantage of shipping your gear to Todd ahead of time, we had our gear delivered and sent home without a hitch. We also chose to stay with Todd and his wife, which is one of the best options for lodging if you want to experience Malibu.

  13. Todd and his bikes were great. The stone was a lot of fun, and I had him come out with me for some instruction and directions in the hills of Malibu, which in addition to being instructional, was really enjoyable. In fact, I found Todd so easy to deal with, trustworthy, and good to be around that I ended up buying one of his old bikes.


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